About Our Purpose

Promoting creativity and individual style through support of small businesses worldwide.

Alexandra D. Perreault showcases a wide range of handmade doll clothing items and accessories made by small businesses worldwide, as well as products from growing small businesses. We offer galleries, written articles and links to direct you to these individual shops. For us, doll and human fashion should not be limited to items only offered by large businesses. We seek to promote the many other options out there while adding an aspect of realism through mimicking styles young people wear everyday, inspired by what is seen on the runways while also adding our own sense of style.

Our History

Alexandra D. Perreault is run by Michelle, an occassional doll collector and fashion and photography hobbyist. Back in 2014, I had the idea to start combining all these interests together, particularly as our doll wardrobe began to grow.

For almost a year, I focused on blog entries with a new outfit. However, now my focus has switched to showcasing the wide array of handmade clothing and promoting these shops. A majority of the clothing seen here is made for 18 inch dolls such as American Girl®, however we are working on including A Girl for All Time® and American Girl® WellieWishers® dolls as well.

We have recently decided to focus on human sized fashion and makeup options out there as well. However, the core mission of this website still applies - the goal of promoting small businesses.

The website is named after our head honcho, Alex, who was our first custom American Girl doll. You may read more about her here.


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